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PROPEL is a 2D simplistic type shooter game where your gun propels you upwards. Your goal is to eliminate all the enemies while avoiding the walls. This alpha version includes 6 powerups, 4 handicaps, 1 character, and 6 enemies. Many more features will be added in the near future so stay tuned!

PLEASE leave feedback! I really would like to know what you think. Any suggestions, bug reports, hate or love for the game, please leave a feedback using the Google Play Store's review feature.

- Triple Shot - Shoots 3 bullets in an arc.
- Big Bullet - Shoots a large bullet that instantly kills enemies.
- Slow Motion - Slows down time.
- Shield - Shields you from dying when touching the walls.
- Freeze - Freezes time so you can shoot tons of bullets that will launch when the powerup expires.
- Bomb - Drops a bomb that kills enemies that touch its explosion.

- Flicker - Rapidly turns the lights on and off.
- Fast Motion - Increases the speed of everything.
- Reverse - Reverses the gravity. You fall up instead of falling down.
- Fake Gun - Makes your gun shoot no bullets but still propels you upwards.

- Green - The most basic enemy, only has 2 HP.
- Brown - This dude is fast, he only has 1 HP though.
- Red - The Tank, he has 5 HP.
- Gold - He's so tiny! He has 1 HP and gives you 5 points.
- A Secret Enemy - :)

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